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Magnesite was discovered at Salem by an English man, Henry Turner in the year 1890 making the beginning of the Basic Refractory Industry in India. Open cast mining of Magnesite began and the first woodfired kiln for calcining Magnesite was put into operation and the calcined Magnesia was exported to the U.K.

Subsequently, the Company became a unit of the Martin Burn House company namely Burn & Company Limited who established facilities for Dead Burning Magnesite and to manufacture basic refractory bricks to cater to the nascent steel industry in India and assay material for export. In 1973 parliament enacted the Burn & Company Limited and Indian Standard Wagon Company Limited taking over of Management Act,1973 whereby the management of the undertakings of said two companies were taken over by Central Government with effect from 1973.

The Company registered further growth after the Government of India took over the plant in 1976 and transferred & vested both the said undertakings to Burn Standard Company Limited( BSCL). BSCL as a subsidiary of Bharat Bhari Udyog Nigam Limited under the administrative control of the Ministry of Heavy Industries and put through a programme of Modernisation and Expansion in order to meet the growing demand of high quality Basic Refractory of the modern steel plants, copper, cement and glass industries, etc.

The Salem unit of Burn Standard Company Limited became a wholly owned subsidiary of SAIL with effect from December 16th, 2011. The unit has now been renamed as SAIL Refractory Company Limited (SRCL).

SRCL located in Salem, Tamil Nadu, has an installed annual capacity of 18000MT for production of calcined magnesite, 14400MT for Basic bricks ,14400MT for Magnesia Carbon bricks, 36000MT for bulk & monolithic and 24000MT for dunite.

Surrounded by greenery, the SRCL township boasts of community facilities for its residents.

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